Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cape Photo of the Day - Photo #3

Once the rain cleared out this afternoon, it turned into a pretty nice day in the Cape. I guess this guy decided it was nice enough to do some paddle boarding on Deep Creek. We see him up and down the creek a couple of days a week - even in the winter if weather permits. We bought a couple of paddle boards last year, and they are a LOT of fun, but I'll hold off until the water temperature is over 60 deg. It's hovering around 45 deg. at the moment. If you'd like to give it a try this summer, you can rent boards at East of Maui for the day or weekend. It's a great workout, and the perspective is kind of cool from the upright position. It's a perfect watercraft for the Cape!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cape Photo of the Day - Photo #2

What else for March 2nd? Rita's Opening Day! Anticipated by school kids and just about as many adults all through winter. Not only do Capers miss Rita's ice and custard during the shuttered winter months, but when the windows slide open the first week of March, it signals to everyone that spring is fast approaching. We lost the sunshine earlier in the day, but not the enthusiasm for a taste of summer. Sorry middle schoolers - the elementary and high school kids have the advantage on you here. Maybe they will save you some. What's your favorite flavor? I'm partial to the mango ice with vanilla custard gelato. Mmmmmm.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cape Photo of the Day - Photo #1

I was returning to the Cape this AM from the gym, and I was sandwiched between two buses making a left onto Green Holly from College Parkway on their way to drop off students at Broadneck High. The sun was coming up on the horizon behind the trees in Broadneck Park and the early morning fog was just lifting. The stars on the back of the bus and the huge orb of the rising sun caught my eye (only the glow of the sun was caught by my phone camera). I wanted to capture this moment at the start of the day when all us Capers are off to navigate our days. Although the kids on these buses would not technically be Capers, when they arrive at Broadneck High, I consider them Capers for the day while they are in our care.